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Bremen Castings Inc. is looking for full-time and part-time experienced Machinists to join the BCI Team. We have been manufacturing since 1939 and we’re proud to be a global supplier of American made and assembled products using grey and ductile iron.

 Bremen, IN.  On March 17th, 1939, Bremen Gray Iron Foundry was founded in Bremen, Indiana.  As times changed and the company expanded, so did the production facility and its capabilities. In 1972, Bremen Gray Iron Foundry changed its name to Bremen Castings, Inc. (BCI), to better represent the company and its manufacturing philosophies.   Like its predecessor, BCI has evolved again with the ever-changing world. Bremen Castings, Inc is now BCI Solutions, Inc. (BCIS).    To OEM’s and the manufacturing world, BCIS is “Your Complete Manufactured Solution”.  Not only does BCIS still support a full range of castings including: Gray & Ductile irons as well as Aluminum, Steel and Billet but BCIS has also grown its machining capabilities to more than just a machine shop and over the last two decades it has provided the base to become a multiple purpose manufacturer.  Today BCIS has grown its manufacturing complex to include full assembly, packaging and shipping logistics to warehouse and distribution centers throughout the world.  This has given BCISultimate ownership of responsibility” for meeting all the OEM’s needs of a complete product manufactured by a registered ISO 9001:2015 / IATF 16949:2016 manufacturing company.  To help support these core concentrations of manufacturing, BCI Solutions, Inc.  has secured the equipment and talent for fixture, pattern and tooling builds / repair.  BCIS will continue to supply the Automotive, Natural Gas, Military, Agriculture, Mining, Truck, Lawn and Garden and others in being more than just a supplier, but by being “Your Complete Manufacturing Solution supplier.   

BCI Solutions, Inc. is excited to lead the way, providing complete solutions for OEM’s requiring manufactured productsAs a “Complete Manufactured Solution” for all your business needs, BCIS can plan, create and finish a product entirely within one company.  No longer does your business have to outsource to multiple companies to finish a job.  

With a team of almost 300, BCI Solutions, Inc. is passionate and prepared to explore new opportunities. Starting with achieving over 1-year without a lost time injury incident, being a preferred supplier, and earning a 5-Star Rating from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Wellness Council’s AchieveWell, BCI Solutions, Inc. is the place to go for “Your Complete Manufacturing Solution. 


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