Change by #redefine2018

    Bremen Castings designated 2018 as our year to redefine. Nothing is sacred - redefine policies, procedures, products. As the employees of a company embarking on such a mission, we need to understand what redefine means. Webster’s Dictionary states it as “to define (something, such as a concept) again” or “to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change”.

    CHANGE!? Change is yet another word that sometimes causes us to panic. Why do people hate change so much? Is it loss of control? Is it uncertainty and surprise? Is it the fear that change will cause us to have to work harder or stretch us out of our comfort zone? We need to be honest with ourselves and accept the fact change will likely make us uncomfortable for a while. When we buy a new pair of shoes, don’t they hurt when we wear them the first few times? When our child has her first day at a new school, don’t we worry about her all day and wonder if she is doing ok? After the shoes are broken in and your daughter races home to tell you about all her new friends, do you tell yourself you worried for nothing?

    The business world has higher stakes and mistakes often times have large price tags. Bremen Castings provides direct employment opportunities for over 230 families. I’m glad to work for a company that can see when enough is enough and makes the commitment to reevaluate with a view to change. Many lives depend on us being around and being profitable for another 78 years.

    When the opportunity to #redefine2018 in your work area knocks on the door, how will you respond? Don’t turn off the lights and hide. Open the door and welcome in the chance to make Bremen Castings a better company for us all. #statusquosucks #redefine2018


    Sharon Calahan

    Director of Human Resources


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