gray cast iron

    Gray Iron Castings

    BCI Solutions, Inc. prides itself in supplying our customers with quality metal castings in all classes of gray iron.

    Whether your parts have intricate coring, narrow passages, or deep pockets, BCI Solutions is here to manufacture a solution to any project our customers may bring to us.

    Ductile Iron Castings

    BCI Solutions, Inc. began pouring ductile iron in 1996 and has been supplying customers across the country and around the globe with ductile cast iron for decades.

    Customers ranging from automotive, defense, agriculture, and many more depend on our metal casting process and the ductile iron castings that come out of BCI Solutions each and every day.

    ductile iron casting process
    metal casting process

    Aluminum Castings

    BCI Solutions, Inc. has been producing aluminum castings for our customers for nearly a decade.

    Between quality, engineering, and production, our team stands ready to supply our customers with any aluminum solution their project requires.

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