Email Etiquette

    Email is a wonderful tool for communicating; however we need to remember a little email etiquette.  As I receive emails or am simply copied as an FYI, I have been disappointed to see the lack of professionalism given to the written word in the workplace. Here are a few rules on emails;  (1) First and foremost you have to remember that whatever you write in an email will exist some place forever; would you want what you write published in the newspaper or repeated on the 6:00 PM news?  (2) Always treat others with respect both in writing and face-to-face. This includes times that you may be extremely upset or frustrated with that individual.  (3) Emails in all capital letters are considered to be cursing at the recipient, never send an email in all caps.  You can put emphasis on one word by putting that word in all caps; however not the entire email.  (4) Meaning can be lost in the translation of an email by the recipient, so some conversations require you pick up the phone. (5) We are all bombarded with emails on a daily basis, so don’t assume someone has read your email – follow up.  It all boils down to using good judgment.  – Carol Senour


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