About Manual Assembly

    Many of our Manual Assembly requests are completed within manufacturing cycle times with the use of automated systems that assist with handling, fitting, and checking the operation. Once you’ve manufactured your products, look no further than BCIS to be your contract assembly partner. From simply pressing in a bushing to fully assembling an item that is ready to be sold to consumers, BCIS is equipped with the experience, knowledge, facilities, and capabilities you expect when looking for a reliable company to handle the manual, partial, or lean assembly of your products. 

    Why should you outsource your Assembly with BCI Solutions, Inc.?

    • Cost & Efficiency: We reduce costs and add value by reducing steps in the supply chain and by eliminating waste and extra handling of contract manufactured parts.
    • Time: Through our enhanced efficiency, we can save time and maintain a consistent schedule, ensuring your supply chain maintains its timeliness. 
    • Capabilities: BCIS offers solutions to all your assembly needs. If your project requires additional labor or machinery, BCIS will handle the implementation of all needed capabilities. This will save you the headache of trying to create your own solutions! At BCI Solutions, Inc, we get it done no matter what, while saving our clients time and resources. 

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