BCI Commits to purchase four Fanuc R2000iA Robotic Arms

    Bremen Castings installed two Fanuc R2000iA (6-axle) Robotic Grinding arms in july of 2011 which increased BCI’s automatic grinding capacity.  Upon the success of the first two arms Bremen Castings, Inc has released a P.O. for another four Fanuc R2000iA Robotic arms.  When completed the three robotic cells will includes two Fanuc R2000iA robots and 6 different grinders in each cell.  The operator loads castings onto a belt which feeds into the robotic cell.  The robot's grind the part and places it into a container.  The cell's focus on grinding heavier parts produced at BCI to help reduce operator fatigue.  BCI is now fixturing all castings to fit the Fanuc's to increases efficiency, consistency and on time delivery for the customer and a safe working place.


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