Bremen Castings Receives $100,000 Recycling Grant from IDEM

      Bremen Castings Receives $100,000 Recycling Grant from IDEM
    November 30, 2011


    Bremen Castings Receives $100,000 Recycling Grant from Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)

    From:  Indiana Department of Environmental Management E-News Release

    Indiana awards $500,000 to businesses for new and expanded recycling operations

    Seven Indiana companies have received grant funding totaling $500,000 from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM’s) Recycling Market Development Program for equipment to start or expand recycling in their operations. The companies’ efforts are part of a combined $83 million commitment to operations that will benefit the environment and result in the creation of 164 new jobs.

    “IDEM is pleased to aid Indiana businesses in their efforts to establish and expand beneficial operations,” said IDEM Commissioner Thomas Easterly. “Recycling Market Development Program funding contributes significantly to greater efficiency in manufacturing, the reduction of wastes, the sustainability of Indiana businesses, and a thriving economy.”

    Following is information about the recipients and their projects.

    ·         Bremen Castings Inc. in Marshall County - $100,000 to install additional melting furnaces as part of a $3.4 million project which will expand its current iron melting furnace operations. The project will create 36 new jobs. The new system will recycle an additional 12,000 tons of steel each year.

    ·         Nature’s Wood LLC in Elkhart County - $100,000 for a compression baler that will be part of a new $2.2 million wood fiber recycling facility, creating 20 new jobs and diverting 18,500 tons of wood waste from the waste stream each year.

    ·         Plastic Recycling Inc. in Marion County - $100,000 for equipment to recycle plastic waste into new plastic pellets. The equipment will divert 5,049 tons of plastic from the waste stream each year. It is part of a $508,900 expansion project that will create 15 new jobs.

    ·         Heritage - Crystal Clean LLC in Marion County - $50,000 for a new processing system as part of a $47 million project to expand the company’s used oil re-refining operations, creating an additional eight new jobs and recycling 50 million gallons of used oil so that it can be reused as a lubricant. The re-refining process is less polluting and more energy efficient than alternative management practices for used oil, and recycling lube oil helps to reduce U.S. demand for imported crude oil.

    ·         Perpetual Recycling Solutions LLC in Wayne County - $50,000 for sorters to be installed as part the company’s $30 million project to retrofit the former aluminum processing plant into a plastic bottle recycling facility, creating 50 new jobs and diverting 50,300 tons of plastics and aluminum from the waste stream each year.

    ·         Ryobi Die Casting USA in Shelby County - $50,000 for equipment to process dross waste in-house and recover 1,200 tons of aluminum from the waste stream each year. It is part of a $280,000 expansion project that will create 25 new jobs.

    ·         Treadstone LLC in St. Joseph County - $50,000 for tire buffing machines as part of the company’s $125,000 investment in operations to convert solid core tires into rubber mulch. Ten new jobs will be created and 2,000 tons of waste will be diverted each year.

    About the RMDP Grants Program
    RMDP grants aid private businesses in the purchase of equipment specifically needed to remanufacture recyclable materials into finished products or industrial feedstocks. Grants range from $50,000 up to $200,000 with a required 50 percent cash match. Funding for the program comes from the Recycling Promotion and Assistance Fund.

    About IDEM
    Established in 1986, IDEM ( implements federal and state regulations regarding the environment. Through compliance assistance, incentive programs and educational outreach, the agency encourages and aids businesses and citizens in protecting Hoosiers and the environment.




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